Rules and use. Special plan of protection

What is the special Plan?

The special Plan of protection of natural environment and landscape of the Estany d’Ivars i Vila-sana was finally passed by the Catalan Government Govern de la Generalitat, on October 11th, 1995. This Plan is the technical and legal instrument that establishes the recovery objectives, the characteristics of the new lake, the organisation of the territory, affected goods and rights, the regualtion and the actuation programm. It was elaborated and the process was started according to the urbanistic legislation and to the natural spaces legislation, specifically 12/1985 Law, June 13th, of natural spaces in Catalonia.


  • To protect the lake’s environment, the ecosystem and the landscape.
  • To recover the typical vegetation from freshwater lakes implementing the needed mesures in order to assure its conservation.
  • To recover continental vegetal communities typical from the area of the Depressió Central.
  • To support and promote the investigation and environmental education and to encourage the respect towards environment and nature.
  • To organize and rationalize the recreacional and touristic use of the lake area. It is allowed to observe and enjoy nature in equilibrium with the conservation of its natural values and with respect to the agriculture and cattle farming introduced in the area.


The plan establishes the ambit of protection of the area in the distribution report. The protected extention is 437,9 ha and it establishes a zoning with the aim of:

  • Lake area: it has an extension of about 132 ha which corresponds to the aquatic area itself plus the perimetral reed. So the phisical recovering of the lake and the natural main system are planed here, and the restriction of touristic and recreational use in order to favour the conservation of natural and landscape values.
  • Peripheric natural zone about 32 ha which correspond to the nearest land/properties around the lake, on the lake perimeter, where the development of typical communities from the Depressió central area has to be stimulated. The itinerary trail goes along this land, and these properties should become a wall betwen the agricultural land and the lacustrine zone.
  • Special zones: 10 ha distributed in two diferent arribal areas, one located in each side of the lake and both municipalities territory. The itineraries start from these points. In these zones, you will find the most important public use activities. Together with the previous zones, they became areas of public use and are managed by the Consorci de l’Estany.
  • Agricultural zone: about 264 ha around the lake which are included in the protection range of the area. The Plan suggests the continuation of the traditional agricultural and cattle farming activities carried out in these lands. The ownership is still private and the construction of new edifications which could alter the landscape of the area is restricted.

Special plan of zoning protection

Information and contents

The special Plan contains: an information memory, an organization report, a regulatoy regime, an action programm and some maps.

Pans and maps can be downloaded from the Publications section.