Recognition of plants and traditional uses

Thymus vulgaris

On May 25 we will walk with herbalist Joseph M. Vilaró know plants and therapeutic uses of plants present in our environment. The activities included in the program of activities of the lake, and offers a good opportunity to discover the spring through the plants.

At the lake you can find a wide range of environments and barren fields that allows the flowering of native plants that are often used for homemade remedies against pain and disease. We propose to rediscover this knowledge in a practical, straightforward and educational. To participate in this output does not need prior knowledge and is open to all ages.

Comfortable clothing and footwear must be worn.

Home: Point of info Vila-sana (arrival area parking Vila-sana)

Time: 9 am

Price: € 3 (becomes effective at the beginning of the activity)

Places are limited!