Estany Ivars i Vila-sana Day


The pond celebrates its fifth anniversary with divereses filled activities for the whole family.

To celebrate the recovery of the lake on Sunday 30 March will be held on the lake with proposals open to the public . From 10 in the morning, there will be demonstrations of bird ringing in charge of ringer Sergi Sales         ( reeds debug access Ivars d'Urgell ) planted a patch of aromatic plants bordering the pond ( access to Ivars d'Urgell ) boat rides ( pier Vila-sana ) , horse rides by Blue lily of the Equestrian Center (access to Vila-sana . Such activity has a cost ) and IIIa gastronomic the Pond kitchen (access to Ivars d'Urgell ) .
As for planting plants and trees, consist of reinforcing the existing population of broom , tamarisk , and Kermes oak , a more plant colonization of the pond. Opened the season rides on boat holding pond , which will last until October. With the ringing of birds, shows visitors how s'anellen copies and what biometrics are taken and why , as indicating the age , sex and other characteristics of birds. Once recorded the data, the birds are released to start the ring . About IIIa Gastronomic cuisine Pond , this edition recipes created by the six participating restaurants have the new common ingredient . Has published a cookbook with dishes star in the show , which will last the entire month of April.
The organization of these activities aim to promote the natural beauty of the Ivars i Vila -sana and celebrate the recovery of the lake. The President of the Consortium Ivars i Vila -sana , Francisco Fabregat , said " the versatility of the space , home from scientific research to outreach nature or leisure and is even film scene , " alluding to the filming of the second movie origin Carlos door .
In 2013 there were over 500 people who participated in the day of the pond, an annual festival that takes place the last Sunday in March since 2009 , when it was considered that the lake had reached its height of water , after four years of refilling .

The Ivars i Vila -sana

The Ivars i Vila -sana is the largest lake on the surface of the interior of Catalonia and hosts a major biodiversity . The lake emerged naturally from the terms of Ivars d' Urgell and Vila-sana , the current Pla d'Urgell , the start of the irrigation waters of Urgell Canals ( 1863 ) . At its peak , as the natural and social , a royal decree ordered dry it in 1951 . The current lake is recovered from 2005 , has a water surface of 126 hectares, its perimeter is 6 kilometers , the visitor can use , and has an average depth of 2 meters ( the maximum depth is 4 meters) .
Visitors can discover a space -established in just five years , since he gave completely refilled by 2009. The incoming water , as a result of project
recovery that has been executed , and comes from the Canal d'Urgell corresponds to the same amount that was used to irrigate the farms that existed prior to recovery. Drain the pond drains towards a tributary of the Crow River .
Upon recovery , they recreate islands with different shapes , slopes , heights and locations within the pond that favor wildlife , especially birds, points of rest, feeding and reproduction. With ringing and birding , have been detected up to 240 different species, species that have been found in a lake crossing or stay although a few years ago the lake did not exist. In these five years , returned otters inhabiting the old pond, a reservoir created to preserve and grow the population of amphibians, pond turtle is back , which is the native repopulate the riparian forest vegetation and small mammals detected as water vole , shrew or mouse of the forest. Also there is evidence of at least ten different species of Muricecs that pond to feed.
The Consortium of Lake annually organizes activities for disseminating all this natural wealth for everyone. Guided tours and guided tours for school subjects . Since been recovered , was recorded between 35,000 and 40,000 visitors a year . It is common to find the perimeter and visitors comarcans doing walks , cycling , running , or even on horseback.

Mollerussa , 25 March 2014