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The Consortium Ivars i Vila -sana offers 5 new routes to school topics at all levels .

Thanks to the thematic routes , students can delve into some aspects of the biological richness of the lake or in its history.
The Consortium Ivars i Vila -sana has reconsidered the proposals for educational school visits that have been doing it since the recovery began and will offer five themed routes for students of all levels . " From now on , when a school requests a tour of the lake , you can choose one of the routes and know more specifically an aspect of the pond. If a school has come , you can come back, because you will discover another facet of the countryside . Moreover , these proposals are very practical and can interact with visitors , "said the president of the Consortium of Lake , Francisco Fabregat .
In fact, schools can choose the path of discovery of the lake , on the history, flora and fauna present , the bird route , which explains why the bird is a brilliant workshop ringing birds , turtles route to explain the importance of the conservation of species and delves into the characteristics of the pond turtle , the route of explorers to discover the traces left by wildlife pond and discover what animals live there through fingerprints and other samples , and finally the trail of the hunter , the theatrical route Manel , a hunter of the ancient lake .
All visits to schools are free, except the bird route , which has a cost of € 3 per student, the cost of the workshop is ringing . In addition , visits are supplemented by educational materials that can work various aspects of the visit also in the classroom. These materials , files, records and case teaching pond , adapt to all training cycles and content of the visits .
After the presentation of the new themed tours of the lake , the fifth graders of the school of Our Lady of the Garden of Ivars d'Urgell were the first to take the route of explorers discover , through signs , what animals live there ( photo ) .

Mollerussa , 25 February 2014