The Consortium

The Consortium’s head office is located in the regional council of el Pla d’Urgell. The Consorci de l’Estany d’Ivars i Vila-sana is an entity constituted on 11th of October 2002. It is the entity responsible for the recovery and management of the lake. It is formed by the Department of Environment and Housing, the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action; Lleida’s Provincial Council, the Regional Council of el Pla d’Urgell, town councils of Ivars d’Urgell and Vila-sana and the University of Lleida; all of them comprise the Plenary Council and Executive Commission.

The Consortium is a public, local entity according to its statutes.

The Fundació Territori i Paissatge, from Obra Social de Caixa Catalunya, collaborates on this project working on the execution of works and the ecological improvement of the area.